Theiss Automation is primarily an Engineering company. I offer design and analysis services. Many ideas start off as a collection of ideas or some pictures and notes on paper. I can help you take those ideas and create a 3D computer model. 3D modelling software allows you to see how your product will move, it provides tools to analyze the strength required to prevent components from failing. Engineering analysis can further analyze the performance of your product and predict the expected life of the internal components.

With the recent surge in rapid prototyping, it is becoming increasingly easy for anyone to make a 3D version of their ideas. What technology is right for your product? Is 3D printing right for you? Several other processes such as machining, molding, casting also exist and as your business scales the way to make your product will likely change to take advantage of economies of scale. I have experience with a vast number of manufacturing technologies and can help you determine what development path may be right for your product. After the process is determined I can help you access manufacturers which can provide those services.

Marketing is a critical component in any business. Early in your business process you need to understand who your market is, who your competitors, what features should your product have and how much can you sell it for. Later in the process, you will need contacts, and a creative marketing strategy to let everyone know that you exist. I can help you understand the marketing process, the stages of the product life cycle and help you develop a plan which will let you stand out among the rest.


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